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When you think about roofing, you might picture a flat, blue-colored slat shield covering your roof. A roof, however, is much more than just a surface, designed to keep your roof from getting damage. A roofing membrane, for example, protects your roof from damage by preventing moisture from getting underneath the roof shingles and tiles. A roofing contractor can help you choose which roofing system will be best suited for your home as well as how to maintain and repair it in the future. In order to understand what a roofing contractor does, you need to understand what roofs are made of so you can understand the different types of roofing systems available to you.

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Roofing shingles come in two types: the flat roofing shingles, also called flat roofing, which have multiple runings per piece and are generally less expensive than other types; and the pitched roofing shingles, which have single runings and are the most expensive type of roofing materials. Other roofing materials available include gypsum and cellulose roofing materials, which also have different types of ventilation systems installed in them. The different materials available will determine what type of roofing system you need to install, the ventilation systems installed, and the costs involved in doing the job.

There are many different roofing systems available to homeowners today, but the most common type is the flat roof tile. The roof tile is the cheapest roofing material available, but it is also the easiest to install. Flat roof tiles do require regular maintenance, such as regular cleaning and waxing to keep them looking clean and new. If there are any problems with the roofing, such as leaky pipes or cracked shingles, the roofer can replace the entire roofing system for you. Other roofing systems include: single metal roofing (such as aluminum or copper), single wood shingles, and the more expensive pitched roofing system. If you decide to choose any of these options, be sure to do research on your contractor and on your chosen roofing system to make sure you get the best value for your money.

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